Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Made it to Alaska!!

Yesterday we drove through some really awesome scenery and saw a ton of wildlife. Three Girzzly bears, caribou, Bison, and big horn sheep. Found a lake that was frozen enough to walk on. Was trying to make it to whitehorse last night but only got to Teslin due to heavy winds, broken spirits and the general scariness of driving the Alcan at night.

Got some Tim Hortons for breakfast and headed towards the border. The road had a fresh coating of snow most of the way which just adds to the challenge of driving a minimally maintained, frost heave full, narrow hilly windy road. As we crossed into Alaska and passed through the border I think so of the levity of this hit me. Ul until now it kinda just seemed like. Road trip. But seeing the sun going down over snow frosted birch and pines I thought to myself. "Holy crap I live here now!". About 45 miles to go until Tok. I'm fairly certain that we will make it to Anchorage late tonight. ..

Thats all for now.

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