Monday, December 12, 2011

Tis the season

Been kinda slacking on the blog updates lately. Im sure all two of you were in deep suspense waiting for my next update. Soo here it is.

Went skiing at Alyeska Saturday. It was pretty sweet. conditions were stil early season, but they got 40" of snow yesterday so I'm sure they are greatly improved. My legs were dead at the end of the day. On the drive home we saw a mini avalanche. That was pretty sweet.

Works been going well. Still no fieldwork yet though. Saturday was thr company christmas party. It was a good time. i also got a bonus check and an REI gift card. Which is way more than I was expecting since I haven't been there long. I've been playing hockey on Thursdays with co-workers thats been fun. I used my Tei gift card to get some skate skis, so hopefully I can start exploring Anchorages world class nordic ski trails soon.

Last Thursday I went to a Nelly concert in Anchorage. It was quite a disappointment. I bought my tickets a couple weeks ahead of time and then the last couple days before the concert there wasn't enough tickets sold so Nelly paid for a free ticket for every ticket you bought. Desperation eh? That shows you how irrelevant he's become to be giving away tickets to a show in Anchorage Alaska (a town that doesn't get many big name concert events to begin with) The concert was supposed to start at 8pm. So we got there at quarter to 8 and went to the "drinking room" they had set up in the arena. After a few drinks we decided to head back over to the stage because we thought for sure Nelly would be taking the stage any minute. Boy were we wrong. It was another hour and a half before he came out. By the time he did there were enough irate people that they were actually leaving the concert in masses. Nelly performed like 8 or 9 songs and then the concert ended. What a waSte of money. I guess I know why he isn't #1 anymore...