Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Don't wanna wait. For our lives to be over...

Drove through Dawson Creek today. Was hoping to get a picture with Katie Holmes but apparently its not the same town as the tv show. Drove over the Canadian Rockies this morning with a fresh coating of snow on the ground. It was pretty scenic. However it seems like every road in Canada is under construction and we had a couple lengthy delays....sucktown.

Tonight I saw the aurora for the first time ever!! It was awesome even though it wasn't that bright. I've got to say driving the Alcan at night with the aurora dancing in front of you is pretty amazing. We also saw about a dozen moose, 5 of which were roadkill.

Sidenote. Canada loves Boston Pixza. Every town we come to has one. so we decided to stop for lunch today. It was decent. The funny thing is, the only thing near the hotel were staying at tonight was Boston Pizza. I'm pretty sure I can say I've never eaten at the same restaurant chain twice in one day. Let alone the same restaurant chain on the same road 200 miles apart.

Ps-i finally figured out how to post pictres to blog via phone. Enjoy!

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