Saturday, February 23, 2013

Trivia champs!!

Wednesday started off with our new routine, breakfast, coffee, and lounge by the pool. It's a routine I could get used to. After a while we headed down towards the split stopping at the budget man for some conch fritters. They were dee-licious. Wednesday night is trivia night at the Barrier Reef Sports Bar and Callie and I have been on a trivia kick lately so we decided we were going to check it out. Also the Flyers were playing the Penguins on tv and thats always a game you don't want to miss. Before heading to trivia night we stopped at pizza caulker for some pizza and beers. Its owned by a canadian ex-pat who reminded me more of a character from fear and loathing in Las Vegas. (See also: nose candy, hyper, squirrley). The pizza was really good though. When we got to Barrier reef it was the second period of the game and they were just getting trivia night set up. We teamed up with a few other characters sitting near us (they obviously had been hitting the booze much harder than us up to that point). Two old guys Larry and Wayne- both from BC who were really cool and a guy name Joshua who was more than likely blacked out and didn't remember meeting us that night becasee we saw him every other day on the island. Anyways, By the time the final question came around we were in first place by one point ( having gotten all the answers so far right). We correctly answered the final question with a max wager of ten points to complete out perfect game! (And thirty dollars off our bar tab!!)

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