Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Small Craft Advisory

I will spare you the details of thursday and Friday since its pretty much more of the same, but we did make some jerk chicken and veggie/pineapple skewers on the bbq that were really good. Theres a popular snorkel spot near Caye Caulker calle shark and ray alley and its a spot were a bunch of nurse sharks and stingrays gather. I wanted to check it out and Callie was quite hesitant because shes afraid of sharks and sting rays (supposedly). Anyways we finally got around to booking a snorkel tour for Saturday morning and unfortunately it was postponed due to high winds and a small craft advisory. Carlos (the tour guide) said we could come back tomorrow because the winds were supposed to die down. So we decided to bike down the the southern til of the island since we hadn't explored that area yet. It was a cool trail right along the water with mangroves and iguanas (or lizards?) all over the place. Our new favorite island food is hot ducunus (basically a chicken tamale) sold by this guy who walks around the island with a pushcart and a cooler full of them. The first time we tried them was maybe wednesday at the split. He walks around yelling HOT DUCUNUS! FRESH and TASTEY!!! MELT in YOUR MOUTH not in your hand! But it seriously sounds like hes yelling hot coconuts! And we were like WTF is that!? We finally had to ask him how to proneounce it and he spelled it out for us.

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