Saturday, November 5, 2011

First week of work and I found an apartment

Haven't posted in a while. I finished my first week of work, it went well. A couple boring days but I got some real things to do now that should keep me busy for a while. Unfortunatley looks like I'll be doing mostly office work all winter Everyone in the office is really nice though. A lot happier than in NJ Haha. Its a lot different working for such a small company. For example one of the admin ladies forgot to release paychecks so nobody got paid on Friday like they were supposed to.
I went to a party last night one of my co-workers threw. It was fun, I got to meet some new people.

So I looked at an apartment the other day over by the airport It was like straight out of the 1970s. Yuck. I was sort of on the fence
bout where exactly I wanted to live, downtown or midtown or somewhere else. Downtown was appealing for the obvious fact that its near everything but the rent is a bit more. So the other day I saw an ad on craigslist for an apartment in Bootleggers cove, which is like a highly desirable spot downtown. There wasnt many
details Given, but it was at least 2-300$ cheaper than any other apt I could find downtown. I decided to check it out. So I went to look at it, its on the second floor of an 8-plex, its right next to the water, its a half mile from my office and the apartment was perfect! I immediatley knew I wanted it as soon as I walked inside. It even has a fireplace! So i filled out my rental app and the board or whatever aproved me and now after 6 months of drifting I have a place to call home! S. I get the keys tomorrow.

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